Safety Engineering

Ankaa Consulting provides a range of Safety Engineering support services for brownfield and greenfield design projects including:

1) Facility Siting Review

2) Development of Philosophies for:

i) Safety

ii) Fire & Gas detection

iii) Fire Fighting

3) Safety Layout Study

4) Fire and Gas Mapping Study

5) Relief & Blowdown (R&BD) Study

6) Flare Radiation study

7) Vent Dispersion study

8) Hazardous Area Classification

9) Firewater Demand Calculation

10) Firewater Line Sizing

11) Hydraulic analysis of Firewater network

12) Acoustically induced Vibration (AIV)

13) Flow Induced Vibration (FIV) Study

14) Reliability, Availability & Maintainability (RAM) study

15) Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) Study