Ankaa Consulting provides a range of risk management services to production and processing industries. Our clients are mainly, though not exclusively, in the upstream and downstream oil and gas sector. We aim to provide our client’s with appropriate tools that enable them to define, measure, monitor, control and report the technical risk profile of their business throughout the asset lifecycle. We have a dedicated technical team with broad knowledge, and extensive experience, in the design and operation of all sectors of the oil and gas, chemical and related process industries. Our knowledge and technology based approach, our attention to our client’s needs, and our dedication to producing high quality deliverables enable us to provide focused, comprehensive and practical solutions to our client’s challenges.

Ankaa Consulting differentiates from its competitors by:

  • Delivering comprehensive technology-based services aimed at producing an integrated risk management system;
  • Operating a partnership business model that enables us to optimize cost whilst maintaining high quality in our services.


To provide a comprehensive range of services that will help our clients to ensure that their assets and operations achieve optimum performance throughout their life cycle by means of an integrated and holistic approach to risk management.

Quality Statement

Ankaa Consulting is committed to maintaining the highest standard of professional services by operating a quality system based on ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001. We work with the goal of “Do it Right First Time”.

Our Services

Ankaa Consulting has a portfolio of services with both depth and breadth. These services, described in more detail elsewhere, fall into the following main segments:

Asset Integrity Management (AIM)

A risk-based approach to mechanical, structural and pipeline integrity using proprietary software developed in-house, and incorporating operational maintenance experience.

Technical Safety and Risk Management services

These include identification, assessment and mitigation of risks to people, assets, environment or company reputation.

Inspection Services

Using appropriately qualified and certified inspectors through the procurement, construction, installation, commissioning and operational phase of a project.

Software Services

Development and application of web-based solutions, and software testing procedures to support our asset integrity, inspection and risk management services.