Inspection Services

Inspection is a well-established practice which is essential to achieving the required compliances and specified quality targets in greenfield and modification projects. Such projects require verification that materials and components supplied by vendors meet requirements specified by project personnel at the design stage. Failure to ensure that deliverables meet quality requirements carries a risk of non-conformance with standards, and of non-compliance with project quality criteria.

Inspection is carried out to give an independent view of the works either for the client or for a third party. This is to ensure that facilities meet project quality specifications during construction, installation and commissioning activities. The extensive scope and scale of these activities require the inspection resources to include a wide range of disciplines, qualifications and experience.

Ankaa Consulting has access to an appropriate pool of inspection resources that can meet all its clients’ inspection and quality control requirements. Our Inspectors will ensure that all activities are executed in accordance with international codes and standards, and with relevant procedures and Quality Plans. Our Inspection Coordination Team is able to source inspectors with the appropriate qualifications and experience using our in-house Inspector Sourcing Management System (ISMS), to deliver the following Inspection Services:

1) Global Vendor Inspections and Expediting

2) Site Inspections

3) Plant Inspections

4) Technical Manpower Services

5) Marine Services